Where are TS Tractors manufactured?

TS Tractor is manufactured in the city of Yanzhou in the Shandong Province, China.

What does TS stand for?

TS stands for Tai Shan which is a sacred mountain in Shandong, China.

How do I find my nearest TS Tractor dealer?

To see if TS has a dealer in your country or region click here. For more specific information please dial our 24 hours customer service hotline: + 86 0633 2956 966 or email us: export@chinawuzheng.com

What quality management systems does TS Tractor have in place?

TS has the following quality certifications: IS09001, IS014000, TS16949, CCC and Ghost.

How will my TS Tractor arrive?

All TS orders are shipped securely and professionally in a completely built-up or semi-knock-down kit. We can also provide technicians to offer assistance and training if required.

When should I receive my order?

Please note that the shipping lead-time starts upon confirmation of payment. This may take between 7 – 10 business days. Shipping time varies between 45 – 60 days and depends on your country.

What if my delivery is later than expected?

We will track your order and advise of the anticipated delivery date and if there are unexpected production delays. For more details you can email us export@chinawuzheng.com

What payment methods does TS Tractor offer?

We accept telegraphic transfer, letter of credit and online bank transfer in USD/EURO/CNY currency.

After I choose a payment type, how soon will you charge my account?

Please allow up to 7 – 10 business days for your order to be processed.

Where can I find information about maintaining TS Tractor?

The best place to find information is in your Owner's Manual. If you have lost your manual you can simply click TS tractor download center. To get assistance from a trained TS professional via our customer service hotline: + 86 0633 2956 966 or email us: export@chinawuzheng.com

Why should I follow the recommended maintenance schedule?

We strongly recommend all our tractors be serviced when they reach 50 hours of use and then every 200 hours to ensure the longevity of your machine.

Why should I use TS Tractor specific parts for my tractor?

In order to maintain TS Tractors quality standards when it comes to your TS Tractors performance and reliability we recommend sticking with the TS parts as they have been specifically designed to ensure longevity.

Where can I obtain parts or service for my Tractor?

You can visit your local TS dealer or call our hotline on: +86 0633 2956 966 or email us: export@chinawuzheng.com

How can I apply to become a licensed TS Tractor dealer?

We are always looking for new dealers that meet our professional and quality standards. To discuss your suitability with us please call our hotline on: +86 0633 2956 966 or email us: export@chinawuzheng.com

Does TS Tractor offer advertising support?

Yes, we offer our dealers customized advertising material support. For more information call our hotline: +86 0633 2956 966 or email us: export@chinawuzheng.com

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